Signs You Need SEO Help, and Where to Get It

When you run a business, it can feel like you never stop hearing about some important service or product you need to invest in. You can’t just go around throwing your money at one thing after another, so figuring out which investments are actually important to the success of your business is crucial. If you’ve been unsure about whether or not SEO belongs on the list of services worth investing in, then you’re already late to the game. 81% of consumers say they do online research before making a big purchase, and over a third start the buying process with a search on one of the three main search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). To reach those people where they’re looking, you have to show up in the search results. If people have a hard time finding you online, you’re losing out on customers to the businesses that claim those top spots in Google. If you’re still on the fence, here are four signs that it’s time to invest in SEO services.

1. You have a website.

You already put money into building a website for your business, but it can’t do its job if people can’t find it. Whatever the primary goal of your website is – whether it’s selling products on the site itself or driving people to your store location – it’s not going to meet that goal without visitors. SEO is one of the most effective and important ways to drive the traffic you need to make your website worth it.

2. Your website isn’t getting much traffic.

Website traffic is one of the main indicators of whether or not your online marketing efforts are working. If you have Google Analytics set up for your site (and you should), then you can quickly and easily see how many people have visited your website in a set amount of time. If that number looks pretty low to you (and determining what counts as low will be different for different types of businesses and industries), then you need SEO to bump it up. If you’re a local brick and mortar business thinking that online traffic shouldn’t matter as much to you, think again. Over half of consumers say they use Google every month to find a new local business and 71% value the information they find in local search results. Even for businesses that are primarily offline, SEO is important.

3. When you look for businesses of your type on Google, you can’t find yourself.

Have you ever done a search on Google for the type of product or services you sell? Take a few seconds to try it right now. Is your website there in the results? If you have to click through to the next page to try to find it – how many pages deep do you go before your website shows up? Now repeat the experiment for any other terms you can think of related to your business. If your business was hard to find in your searches – really, if it was anywhere other than on page one for them – then you can be sure that other people looking for what you’re selling aren’t finding you.

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